Customized Probiotics, LactoFit

LactoFit is a combination of 'lactobacillus' and 'fit.'
This customized probiotics product is fitting for all situations, ages, and purposes.


Brand Story

The Beginning of customized lactobacillus

Our guts show our various life patters and habits. Do you feel comfortable with normal and standardized lactobacillus to take care of your gut health? LactoFit offers lactobacillus that is customized to your life style, age, and purpose. LactoFit started its journey as customized lactobacillus under the name "Fresh Lactobacillus Gold."
We have been expanding and developing customized lactobacillus by paying attention to consumers' needs since then. We have taken into consideration all 19 types of beneficial intestinal bacteria recommended by the MFDS and made our product "Fresh lactobacillus 19 for guts" which has taken the top position* in the lactobacillus market.

*According to a consumer/market survey conducted in 2014 for functional health food, Korean brands only
  • Brand Differentiator

    LactoFit, customized probiotics, has been highly sought after by consumers as it has been proven that everyone's guts are different (conditions and composition).

    Gut conditions of an infant cannot be the same as an adult in his 30s who has a lot of stress from work and gatherings. Just as our fingerprints are different and unique, our guts are different and unique as there are more than 10,000 types of microorganisms. The difference originates from our age, birth options, lifestyle, and eating habits. However, unlike fingerprints, gut health can be enhanced with the right treatment. LactoFit Fresh Lactobacillus has been designed to meet consumers' unique
    and different lifestyle, age, and needs. We offer a wide variety of products from
    'Fresh Lactobacillus Gold', 'Fresh Lactobacillus 19', 'Fresh Lactobacillus for babies' which is critical for babies as the gut health will be determined at this age,
    'Fresh Lactobacillus for Kids' that focuses on gut health as well as supports growth, 'Fresh Lactobacillus Green' which is vegetable-based for those who follow a
    meat-heavy diet, and 'Premium Lactobacillus' for the older generation who are preparing for healthy retirement. Take control of your gut health with customized 'LactoFit.'

Trust our premium probiotics that are manufactured by Korea No. 1 lactobacillus manufacturer company.*

Lactobacillus is a living bacteria, unlike other functional health food’s APIs. As such, manufacturing and quality management is very important as lactobacillus is quite sensitive to surrounding conditions such as heat and humidity. Consumers need to check if the lactobacillus they are consuming was manufactured by a professional manufacturing company with experience in manufacturing and quality management.

*According to a consumer/market survey conducted in 2014 for functional health food, Korean brands only

Careful Management A to Z - One Stop Solution

  • 01Find out consumer's needs

  • 02Product Planning

  • 03Scientific mix of flora
    Development Research

  • 04Productivity Review

  • 05Production

  • 06Quality Management

  • 07Product Sales

  • 08Consumer Service


Brand Promise

LactoFit, customized probiotics, promises you the following.

Our top priority is safety. We will use safe APIs to produce our products.


We will establish high standards for lactobacillus products by applying the most rigorous standards from flora production to distribution.


We will manufacture our products with the most efficient mix of essential ingredients based on different needs, purposes, and lifestyles of consumers.


We will do our best to establish
eco-friendly manufacturing environments.


Through honest and transparent branding, we will engage in fair trade and maintain our trust and faith among consumers.