Finding middle-aged men's energy and dignity. Real Men.


Brand Story

Real Men. Find middle-aged men’s dignity again!

Men's dignity starts from healthy body. With the help of CKDHC's experience, Real Men looks to find the cause and care for those middle-aged men who are not comfortable sharing their pains. Complete your mid-life dignity that you have been dreaming of with continuous management and help from Real Men.

Work on your stamina with confidence!

Are you at a point in life where you feel like you are indecisive, you are losing stamina, you are stressed, you have increased responsibilities and burdens, and you feel like you are running of options? The pain you have not been able to share with others. The endless pain you don’t know when it started.
Now is the time you need Real Men.

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    Real Men, Secret to your Dignity
    We offer solutions customized for the middle-aged men.

    If you find yourself eating greasy food and meat rather than having the craving for vegetables, and if you are continuously having to attend to company dinner gatherings day after day, and if you are in your 40s, there might not be a promise for a healthy life in your retirement. Do you still live like you did in your 20s and 30s because you think your body is young and your body can handle this?
    Men are faced with different social circumstances, and thus, there are different ways to go about treating those worries. CKDHC's Real Men product provides customized solutions to those middle-aged men as we approach this issue in a scientific way.

    Men also experience menopause.

    We often think about middle-aged women when we talk about menopause.
    However, men also experience menopause as production level of men's hormone decreases as they age. It is called andropause. It is just not as noticeable as what women experience.
    When this happens to men, they experience symptoms such as chronic fatigue, loss of memory, weight gain, and muscle loss which exposes men to metabolism syndrome. CKDHC's Real Men products have been proven to increase men's hormone with the MR-10 dandelion as well as other ingredients and extracts that have all been endorsed by the MFDS. It has been proven to help men's health during their andropause. Also, our products will help with blood circulation, bone health, and stamina enhancement.


Brand Promise


Our improvement is not short-lived. We promise to provide customized solutions for men at different stages of their lives with the mindset of long-term care.


We promise to only use ingredients that have been clinically tested.


We promise to provide trustworthy products by applying strict standards in all phases from manufacturing to distribution.


We will make products with efficient mix of ingredients that are absolutely necessary for men’s health.


Through honest and transparent branding, we will engage in fair trade and maintain our trust and faith among consumers.